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名门国际游戏网站 金融领域 Finance

名门国际游戏网站 现代金融是华盛集团着力发展的又一重点方向,以商贸投融资平台、基金、担保、PE/VC风险投资等金融服务为主导,依托集团雄厚的资本优势及管理优势,为广大的客户与商业伙伴提供快捷、便利、专业、可靠的金融服务产品。

名门国际游戏网站 华盛金融事业部将进一步强化集团的资本运作能力和增值发展能力,为集团的优势发展和全国战略积蓄强劲的动力。

Modern finance is another direction of Huasheng Group for future development. Huasheng’s modern finance is led by financial business such as commerce investment & financing

platform, fund, guarantee and PE/VC, providing customers and commercial partners with fast, convenient, professional and reliable finance service products supported by the Group’s

advantages in capital and management. Huasheng Finance Business Department will further strengthen the capacities of capital operation and value-added development, reserving

名门国际游戏网站 strong drive for the development of the Group and national strategy.

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